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Facility information

Floor guide

  • To the front desk and lobby, you access from 1F entrance by stairs and escalator.
    There are two entrances: a front entrance and a back entrance.

    The escalator and the staircase are the front entrance, and the stairs are only the back door.

Hotel Facilities

  • front desk
    Staff are available 24 hours a day.
  • Back door
    The one with the parking lot is the back door. There is a post office next to the parking lot.
  • Front entrance
    There is an escalator only at the front door.
  • Shared PC Printer Available
    A4 paper, free to 9 sheets.
  • Hand massage (100 minutes for 5 minutes, cash only)
  • Water server
    You can enjoy it freely
  • Coffee service(Green Tea·Black tea)
    AM 7: 00 to AM 11: 00
  • 5F
  • 5F
    Vending machine room
  • 5F

Rental / Service

  • Iron
  • Trouser press (installed on each floor)
  • 【Other lending·Services】

    ·Desk light

    ※The number is limited.Please note.


  • No.36 to No.58 will be the hotel's parking space (hotel back door side).The price is 300 yen per night.
    It is the entrance immediately after the post office.
    In case of full car please contact the front desk.
    We will introduce neighboring coin parking.
    The customer's burden will be the same 300 yen as hotel private parking lot.

    Neighboring coin parking price
    ① Times 24 (ECOS parking lot)
     Approximately 50 meters from the hotel · About 50 cars can be parked
     24 hours maximum:500 yen
     Please bring your parking ticket to the front desk.I will hand you a service ticket.

    ② Times 24(Next to the post office)
     Approximately 30 meters away from the hotel and 14 cars available
     24 hours maximum:400 yen
     Please bring your parking certificate to the front desk.I will hand you a service ticket.

    **** For customers using car navigation systems ****
    Settings and set the hotel address and phone of the car navigation system, that it may, depending on the model is guided in the wrong place, which you will find next to the hotel parking Tsurugashima Ekimae Post Office the (049-285-9682) Please.

    ※In case of 2t long or longer please be sure to inquire and please inform us the size of the car.(Parking may not be possible in the normal parking lot.)