Business Hotel in Tsurugashima City, Saitama Prefecture, City Inn Tsurugashima, Tobu Tojo Line [Tsurugashima Station East Exit] 2 minutes on foot, Kanetsu Highway, Ken-O Expressway [Tsurugashima Interchange] 10 minutes by car

【Official】City Inn Tsurugashima

About new coronavirus infection prevention measures

  • Request to customers

    As a measure to prevent infection with the new coronavirus by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, we will measure the temperature and verify the identity of all guests at check-in.

    ■If you have symptoms such as fever (37.5 ° C or higher), cough or malaise, ask the health center for instructions and follow the instructions of the employees.
    ■Please disinfect your hands with alcohol disinfectant at the entrance, lobby, vending machine room and restroom.
    ■Please wear a mask and keep a reasonable distance from other guests in the common space.
    ■If you experience symptoms such as fever or cough during your stay, or if you are not feeling well, please notify the front desk immediately.

    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

About new coronavirus infection prevention measures

  • Initiatives at this facility

    ■We have installed alcohol disinfectants in the entrance, lobby, vending machine room and restroom to create an environment where customers can use our products with peace of mind.
    ■There are many opportunities for customers in common spaces and rooms to touch, such as door knobs and buttons in elevators
    We are strengthening alcohol disinfection of the places.
    ■We will ventilate the lobby and rooms as much as possible.
    ■To prevent droplet infection, both customer service staff and cleaning staff wear masks and face guards.In addition, the front counter has a partition made of acrylic plate.
    ■We check the temperature of all customers at check-in.

About Go To Travel

  • Guidance on how to book GoTo Travel and compliance requirements

    If you want to receive a 35% discount on the "GoTo Travel Campaign", you can make a reservation at the "discounted rate" by making a reservation from the "main discountable sites" below.
    <Major discount sites>
    ·Rakuten Travel Jalan Yahoo Travel Rurubu Travel
    ※We will verify your identity at check-in.
    ※Use for business purposes is not eligible for the GoTo discount.Please use at the normal rate.

    〇Please note that you will not receive a 35% discount on the "GoTo Travel Campaign" if you stay on the official website of the property or by phone.

Day Use

  • Information on day use plan

    All rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi and wired LAN.
    The usage time and fee is 4400 yen per person from 10 am to 5 pm.
    If it is over 5 pm, the extension fee is 1000 yen per hour.
    Reservations are accepted by phone.


Google Map

Hotel Name

City Inn Tsurugashima


13-3 Kamihiroya, Tsurugashima City, Saitama Prefecture

Telephone number



2 minutes walk from Tobu Tojo Line Tsurugashima Station, 10 minutes by train from Kawagoe, 40 minutes by Tobu Tojo Line Express from Ikebukuro
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  • Information

    ■Address, 〒 350-2203, 13-3 Kamihiroya, Tsurugashima City, Saitama Prefecture
    ■Check In, 14:00
    ■Check Out, 11:00
    ■Rooms, 105 rooms
     Single A(15 rooms)
     Single B(58 rooms)
     Deluxe Single(15 rooms)
     Double (10 rooms)
     Twin(7 rooms)

    ●We will keep your luggage before check-in and after check-out.

  • Payment method etc.

    ●The hotel payment is only cash or card payment.

    ●The hotel is in the previous account.Please note.
  • Cancel·Excess fee

    Free until 24:00 on the day before arrival (Cancellation on the day is 80% of the room charge)
    If you do not contact us you will be charged 100% of the room rate.

    ■Overage fee, 30% until 13: 00, 50% until 14: 00, 100% after 14: 00

 \, Recommended points/

  • ◇Excellent access 2 minutes on foot from Tobu Tojo Line Tsurugashima Station

  • ◇Front desk is secure 24 hours

  • ◇All rooms equipped with wide bed & wide desk

 \, Recommended points, Part 2/

  • ◇All room bath, toilet(Washlet), TV,Air condition, refrigerator, Dryer-equipped

  • ◇It is safe for long-term stay

    ●Weekly discount for monthly reservation, Monthly discount available
    20% discount on regular rates from 1st to 6th night and 7th to 29th night. (Weekly discount) From the 30th night onwards-30% discount on regular rates. (Monthly Discount)
    ※Weekly discounts and monthly discounts are applied for consecutive nights.
  • ◇There are several supermarket convenience stores / restaurants within one minute on foot

    Lawson and Gyoza no Mansyu (Chinese food) are on the first floor of the hotel.

\, Recommended points, Part 3/

  • ◇All rooms are equipped with high speed internet connection (wired, Free Wi-Fi)

    The password is displayed on the screen when you turn on the TV.
  • ◇Access to many golf courses and each university is convenient.

    These include Toyo University Kawagoe Campus, Tokyo International University, Josai University, and Kagawa Nutrition University Josai University.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.