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City Inn Tsurugashima


13-3 Kamihiroya, Tsurugashima City, Saitama Prefecture

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2 minutes walk from Tobu Tojo Line Tsurugashima Station, 10 minutes by train from Kawagoe, 40 minutes by Tobu Tojo Line Express from Ikebukuro
  • When using a car

    Parking:Present(300 yen/Day)

    The parking lot can not be booked on the 1st day \ 300 (on a first come-first-served basis and can not be booked), but if you can not stop it, we will guide you to the nearby coin parking, so please contact the front desk.
  • Access from Within Omiya

    ●Access by car
    10 minutes by car from Kan-etsu Expressway"Tsurugashima IC"
    Ken-O Expressway 10 minutes by car from Ken-O Tsurugashima IC

    ●Access by train
    10 minutes from Kawagoe
    40 minutes by express train from Ikebukuro
    40 minutes from Omiya (Transfer at Kawagoe)
  • Wide area map

  • Map from station